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Men involved in Asifa’s rape and murder crime

The news of the incident of Asifa’s rape and murder case is giving chills down the spine to everyone. An innocent 8-year-old girl Asifa from Kathua kept in captive for days and raped multiple times before she was killed and dumped in the forest. Eight men were involved in this terrifying crime.

Asifa went missing on January 10 and her body in a very bad condition was found in the forest on January 17. Asifa was grazing horses near her home when she went missing. A 19-year-old, one of the accused mislead Asifa into the forest while she was grazing horses.

The man then drugged her and dragged her into a small village temple where he and two others repeatedly gang-raped the girl for three days. She was kept sedated and was hit twice in the head with a heavy rock to keep her unconscious.

A 19-year-old school dropout and his uncle Sanji Ram were in charge of the temple where Asifa was kept locked.

At first, the person who dragged the girl to the temple had claimed to be 15 but the medical tests have confirmed that he is not underaged. According to the police, he has confessed his crime and also his hair was found on the child’s body and DNA report has also confirmed this fact.

Based on the interrogation of suspects and confession of the teen, Sanji Ram has also been arrested. Sanji Ram who happened to be a former government official planned the crime. Sanji’s call data records have also confirmed that he was present at the place where the girl was kept locked.

According to the police charge sheet, the man who allegedly stopped others from killing the girl so that he can rape her one more time before killing her is a special police officer Deepak Khajuria. His call data records confirm his presence at the crime scene and he was also named in the teen’s statement.

Fourth accused is another special police officer Surinder Kumar, his call data has confirmed his presence at the crime scene at the time when the girl was kept locked in the temple. Also, witnesses has reported seeing him at the crime scene.

Fifth accused is happened to be a friend of the person who kidnapped the girl. His name is said to be Parvesh Kumar. He is the one among those who repeatedly raped the girl.

The teen who has kidnapped the girl also called and invited his friend Vishal who was in Meerut, he traveled to Kathua after receiving a phone call from the teen. Vishal Jangotra, Sanji Ram’s son has also been arrested. His arrest was based on the results of the forensic tests.

Two more individuals who were involved are sub-inspector Anand Dutta and head constable Tilak Raj. They are the policemen who knew about the crime and took a huge bribe to cover it. They did not collect the vital evidence as well as washed the girl’s clothes to help the accused

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