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Computer Security Threat

Computer Security Threat is a term which is used to define the threats in computer security. A threat to computer security is a possible danger to the computer system utilizing which an attacker can exploit the vulnerability of the system to breach security. An attacker can harm the system by corrupting the data, gaining unauthorized access to the data, and can utilize hosts personal information to use for other purposes. It is not only a harm to the data it can also adversely affect victims personal life.

As now our lives revolve around computers, mobile devices, social media security threat can also endanger one’s online presence. Earlier security threats were restricted to the unauthorized access to the data. Now with the increase in the number of online transactions, sharing of sensitive information and availability of personal details on the internet made unauthorized access to this information even bigger problem. These threats can endanger an individual’s personal, financial, and professional life.

Web Threat:

Exploiting World Wide Web in an unethical way with an intention to perform financial damages, identity theft, steal or unauthorized access of information comes under the term web threats.


Common Computer Security Threats:

Below is the list of the common security threats

1.Computer Viruses


3.Trojan Horses


5.Computer Worm






1.Computer Viruses

A computer virus is a malicious program written with an intention to destroy computers proper functioning. Computer Viruses were very popular before. Viruses replicate itself and undergo self-execution making hosts system unable to perform properly. Computer viruses spread via email attachments or through internet downloads.

Types of Viruses

Resident Viruses, Non Resident Viruses, Macro Viruses, Encrypted Viruses, Boot, Viruses, Polymorphic Viruses, Stealth Viruses, etc.

Preventive Measures

Avoid opening emails with the attachments unless you know the sender, avoid downloading software from unknown sources. Installing an Antivirus Software is always helpful.

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