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Top 10 Haunted Places in the World

Below is the list of top 10 Haunted places in the world. The existence of ghosts and evil spirits has always been an interesting topic. Even though most of the people are scared to listen to the stories of haunted places but they still like hearing them.  One can visit these places to experience paranormal activities by themselves.


Ocean Avenue is a large Dutch colonial house. It is in the suburban neighborhood in Amityville.  In 1974 the house was in the possession of DeFeo family. On the night of 13th November 1974 Ronald DeFeo, Jr. shot his entire family with a rifle. Victims were his parents, two brothers, and two sisters. The house became famous after the book The Amityville Horror written by American author Jay Anson. In December 1975 Kathleen Lutz bought the house.  A friend of George Lutz heard about the history of the house and insisted him for blessing the house. They called a priest named Father Ray to carry out the house blessing.

The Father while carrying out the rites felt unusually cold in the house especially in the room on the second floor, which was a sewing room. When the Father started Sprinkling the holy water in the room he heard a strong masculine voice demanding him to “get out”. At one point he felt a strong slap on his face. After this, a series of the unusual incident started in the house.

George and Kathy found there is something wrong with their house and decided to carry out the blessing of their own on January 8, 1976. While performing blessing George heard a voice saying “would you stop?”.

George and Kathy’s another attempt of blessing the house turned out to be their last night in the house. They declined to give a full account of the event occurred on that occasion saying it to be “too frightening” to describe.

On 14th January 1976, George and Kathy left the house along with their three children and dog Harry.

Paranormal Activities Recorded

  • George would wake up at 3:15 in the morning every day and would go to check the boathouse. Later he discovered that it was the same time when Ronal DeFeo, Jr. killed his family.
  • Kathy had nightmares of murder and discovered the order and in the room in which they occurred.
  • Their children started sleeping on the stomach. The same position in which the dead bodies were in the rooms.
  • George discovered a small hidden room in the house which was not there in the blueprints. The room has a profound effect on the dog Harry he always refuses to go near the room.
  • Their five years old daughter developed an imaginary friend “Jodie” a demonic pig like creature with glowing red eyes.
  • In the early morning of Christmas day 1975, George saw the pig standing behind Missy’s bedroom window. When he ran up to her he found her sleeping with her small rocking chair slowly rocking back and forth.
Things became even scarier
  • George would wake up to a noise of door slamming, he would quickly go downstairs to check the front door but he found no one but the dog sleeping sound. No one else would hear the sound although the sound was loud enough to wake the house.
  • George found out to create strong resemblance in his behavior to Ronal DeFeo, Jr. and started drinking at the same place where Ronald was a regular customer.
  • While closing Missy’s room window which she said Jodie her imaginary friend climbed out of Kathy saw red glowing eyes.
  • While sleeping Kathy received red scars on her chest caused by unseen forces.
  • Kathy was levitating two feets in the air while on the bed.
  • George san Kathy transforming to an old woman with white hair wrinkly skin and saliva dropping out of her toothless jaw.
  • Missy would sing constantly while in her room and whenever she left the room she would stop singing and as soon as she returned to her room she would start singing again from where she stopped.

No wonder it is first among the Top 10 Haunted Places in the world.


Villisca is a small town in southwestern Iowa. The “Villisca Ax Murder house” was a normal house before 10th of June 1912. It was the day when entire Moore family found dead in the house. The incident took placed between the evening of 9 June 1912 and the morning of 10 June 1912. Moore family was one among reputed families in Villisca. Head of the family Josiah B. Moore was one of the most prominent businessmen of Villisca. His wife Sarah Moore was a member of the Presbyterian church. She led children’s daily exercise on 9th June 1912. They had four children Herman Montgomery, Mary Katherine, Arthur Boyd and Paul Vernon.

Their daughter Mary Katherine invited Ina Mae and Lena Gertrude Stillinger to spend the night at their house on 9 June. On that evening they Participated in Presbyterian church’s Childre’s day program and after that, the Moore and Stillinger sisters walked to the Moore residence and reached there around 10 pm.

The Crime Scene

On Next day at 7 a.m., one of the neighbors Mary Peckham became concerned after she noticed that Moore family had not come out to do their morning. The unusual silence in the house and with no activity at morning was another concern that made her worried. She knocked the door but there was no response so, called Josiah Moore’s brother. He opened the front door and went into the guest room first and found Stillinger sister’s dead bodies on the bed. He immediately called Villisca’s primary peace officer. After an investigation, they found that entire Moore family along with Stillinger sisters were murdered with an ax in the same way . The murder weapon was in the guest room.

killer began in the master bedroom he killed Josiah and her wife first. Josiah received more blows from the ax than any other victim. Killer attacked Josiah so many time with the ax on his that his eyes gone missing. The Killer used ax blade on Josiah and the blunt end of the ax on other victims.

That day on 10 June 1912 this normal house became Villisca Ax Murder house. The site of one of the most horrifying murder mystery made it one of the most haunted houses in America.

Room where bodies of children were found

Paranormal activities recorded

Opened the house later for overnight visitors. Some come here for the history of the house and some, for the ghosts. Paranormal investigators, ghosts enthusiast, and others have visited “Villisca Ax Murder house” seeking the haunted.

  • Des Moines Disk Jockey one of the visitor awoke in the night to the voice of children when there were no children in the house.
  • Many of the visitors have recorded mysterious audios, images, and videos which are the evidence that suggests that there is something supernatural in this house.
  • Some of the visitors claim that there is an unknown force in this house.
  • Many have observed falling lamps, moving objects without any physical force.
  • And the voices children laughing in the midnight.

One can visit this place to experience paranormal activities by themselves, this house has made its own reputation in the top 10 haunted places list.



Building in the picture is of Waverly Hills Sanitorium. It was reconstructed in 1926. Originally it was a two story wooden building that opened in 1910. It was a Tuberculosis hospital in earlier 20th Century. At the time when there was no cure for TB and disease was at its worse. About 63,000 patient died there. Ths cause of these deaths was mistreatment and faulty experimental procedure on patients. And as a result of thousand of painful deaths with an incurable disease at that time and mistreatment and experiments, this place became haunted with patients died in their misery.


Paranormal Activities Recorded

Considering the paranormal activities recorded their it has its place in top 10 haunted places in the world.

  • TAPS captured a 3ft tall figure in their thermal imaging camera. This figure was a young boy, Tim. The ghost is evidenced many times In the Sanitorium crossing the hall.
  • Visitors also repeatedly encountered seeing full bodied apparitions.
  • Fleeting shadows
  • Some people also say that screaming of patients can still echo in empty rooms
  • Some has often reported hearing footsteps following them



Ancient Ram Inn is one among the top 10 haunted places in the world. It is the most haunted house in entire London. It was built in 1145. There is nothing wrong in saying that this house is one of the top 10 haunted places in the world. The tales of child sacrifices, evil spirits, and devil worship practiced at this place gives chills down the spine.

Paranormal Activities Recorded

John the owner of Ram Inn on the first night in his house reported, he felt a presence grabbed his hand when he was alone.
Then after he found evidence of devil worship, child sacrifices, and rituals at this place paranormal activities became worse.
He reported being dragged out of his bed and across the room.  Scars on his hands without known injury.

  • Reports of seeing full bodied apparitions in their rooms
  • Feeling of being touched and pulled by unknown forces
  • Hearing of voices and feeling of the presence of evil.



Mary King’s Close once used to be a famous trading area before the plague broke out in 1645. It is under a building in Royal Mile The place is the witness of Bubonic plague or “The Black Death” in mid 17th century. When the plague broke out in Scotland the situation of Mary King’s Close was most devastating. There is a story that makes it one of the top 10 haunted places. In order to quarantine the plague victims, Mary King Close sealed in 1644. Leaving about 600 inhabitants to perish inside without hope.

Mary King’s Close

Paranormal Activities Recorded

  • Many of the tour guides and visitors still reported ghosts appearance.
  • One can often see ghosts of an elderly lady and a little girl named Annie in Mary King’s Close.
  • Some of them reported that Annie interacts them after they leave a gift for her in this place.
  • Flicking stones, following footsteps, unexplained voices are common occurrences.



Eastern State Penitentiary is a former prison and one of the top 10 haunted places in the world. It was built in 1829. At that time prison was a rehabilitation for prisoners. There was a very harsh approach to treat prisoners here. Prisoners were completely isolated. Living alone, eating alone as well as exercising alone. Even when a prisoner left the cell to make sure he remained in confinement they used to place a hood on his head. This approach of treating the prisoners continued till 1913. After that, till 1970 it was a regular prison.

Reports of paranormal activities started since 1940. In 1971 the prison was closed after that paranormal activity has seemingly increased.

Paranormal Activities Recorded

  • An appearance of Ghostly faces.
  • Banging on empty cell doors.
  • Evil cackling also.
  • There is a report of dark figure which is  an occasional sight in guard tower.



The Old Changi Hospital built in 1935. British Government Built this hospital. It is the former hospital in Changi, Singapore. During the occupation of the Japanese. This was Japanese police’s secret prison and torture camp. After the end of World War II, the building was again a hospital. In 1977 the hospital renamed as Changi General Hospital. The building is close till date.

The building is haunted with Japanese soldiers. People that were executed and also many patients died here.

Paranormal Activities Recorded

  • Apparition of an old man walking in the corridor has often seen.
  • There is also report of seeing an elderly woman walking across the rooms.
  • There is also a report of hearing screams and crying voices from the children ward.
  • Long bangs and unexplained screams from the building is a common occurrence.


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Calcasieu Courthouse is in Lake Charles city of Louisiana state. This courthouse is famous for its haunting stories. Spirit of Toni Jo Henry haunt the courthouse. She was the first lady to be executed in Louisiana’s electric chair. Toni was into drugs and prostitution but after falling in love with Claude Henry she becomes clean and they got married. Shortly thereafter Claude arrested on a murder charge from his past and sentenced to imprisonment for 50 years. She decided to bust her husband out of prison. Tony Jo and her friend Harold Finnan not only stole a getaway car but also murdered its owner. Later they were caught and sentenced to death. Toni Jo was executed by electrocution on November 28, 1942.


Paranormal activities recorded

  • Ever since her execution, some says her ghost whispers.
  • Some claims of hearing her screams in the courthouse.
  • Some say one can still smell her perfume in the building.



Banff Spring Hotel is in Alberta, Canada. Canadian Pacific Railway built this hotel 125 years ago by as a luxury stop off point for travelers. The hotel is in rocky mountains and has beautiful surrounding but it is the most haunting place in the country.

Paranormal Activities Recorded

  • In room 873 a whole family was murdered. Their spirits still haunt the hotel. The authorities closed the door to this room since. Some claims seeing that family in the hallway outside the room.
  • Stories include the sighting of a bride who fell down the staircase breaking her neck. Her apparition was apparent on the staircase and in the ballroom dancing.
  • Former bellmen Sam Macauley who served at the hotel during 60’s and 70’s still roam in the hotel. He often helps guests up to their rooms but if you try to make conversation with him, he vanishes.

Really a creepy one to come under top 10 haunted places in the world.


Monte Cristo Homestead is located in the town of Junee, New South Wales, Australia. Crawley family built it in 1885. Crawley family remained in this house till 1948. This house is one of the most haunted houses in Australia.  The tragic history of this house however made it fall in the top 10 haunted places in the world.

Several incidences took place here since it was built that clearly indicates that something is wrong with this house.

  • Crawley family also witnessed many deaths when they were residing there.
  • The tragic death of a young child as she dropped down the stairs.
  • A boy burned to death on the property.
  • There was a mentally ill man. Chained in caretaker’s cottage for 40 years. In fact, One day he was found next to the body of her dead mother. After that, he was in a mental asylum where he died shortly after.
  • One of the care takers was found murdered in caretaker’s cottage.

This is really very haunting. Don’t you think so? Hope you will visit this top 10 haunted places once in life.

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