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All you need to know about Ubuntu 17.10


Ubuntu 17.10 officially released on 19th of October 2017. It was the first version of Ubuntu since 2011 to not ship with the Unity desktop by default. It is using GNOME as the default desktop environment. Canonical had to disable its download from the official Ubuntu website because of a bug.  The reason behind the withdraw is, there was a bug in Ubuntu 17.10 which causing users laptops some issues like making it difficult to make changes and save some settings. Users can download the fixed version from January 11.

Cause of the issue

The Cause of this issue is Intel SPI driver this low-level level kernel feature gives Linux the ability to upgrade BIOS firmware on a motherboard directly. In the upstream Linux kernel, the Intel SPI driver is disabled as it’s not yet considered ready for use. The driver’s documentation even warns that it shouldn’t be enabled “unless you know what you are doing”  at it can overwrite SPI flash which “may render the system unbootable”.

In a fixed version of Ubuntu 17.10, the ISO images disable the Intel SPI driver at build time.

Ubuntu 17.10 features

  • This latest edition comes with the newest software enhancement and nine months of security and maintenance updates.
  • The biggest change is the desktop environment as it is using GNOME desktop environment.
  • It can run x.org as a session on a system that cannot support Wayland. Default display server is Wayland.
  • It has new Caribou on-screen keyboard.
  • The swap is now a file that scales to what your system needs, rather than a partition, making it easier to install Ubuntu on any machine.
  • Ubuntu 17.10 features the Linux kernel 4.13.
  • The new settings application lets you easily explore all the possibilities and features of the new desktop



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